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Why U-Haul?

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No room in your personal vehicle for moving that large piece of furniture to your new apartment? Not looking forward to making multiple trips to move all your boxes?

U-Haul trucks are designed for ease of use, convenience, and safety.

Find a U-Haul rental fit for your needs today with 1st Stop Storage!

U-Haul Advantages

See why U-Haul is the premier rental truck, and then find your rental with 1st Stop Storage.


U-Hauls include a variety of safety features, including extra large mirrors for drivers. When it comes to protecting your items, tie-downs and rub rails ensure your belongings stay secure during transit.


Loading and unloading are easier with U-Haul thanks to loading decks that are as low to the ground as possible.


Need to tow your car or a U-Haul trailer? U-Haul pick-ups and box trucks have towing capabilities.

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1st Stop Storage provides secure self storage units in clean and safe self storage facilities.

Our facilities feature U-Haul rentals, insurance options, moving supplies, and on-site managers.

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